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What is A.A. Service Work?

Around 1951, Bill W. defined service as the Third Legacy in the following excerpt;

"Our Twelfth Step - carrying the message - is the basic service that A.A.'s Fellowship gives; this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence.  Therefore, A.A. is more than a set of principles; it is a Society of Alcoholics in action.  We must carry the message, else we ourselves can wither and those who haven't been given the truth will die. Hence, an A.A. service is anything whatever that helps us to reach a fellow sufferer - ranging all the way from the Twelfth Step itself to a ten-cent phone call and a cup of coffee, and to A.A.'s General Service Headquarters for national and international action.  The sum total of all these services is our Third Legacy.  

Services include meeting places, clubs, hospitals, and intergroup offices; they mean pamphlets, books, and good publicity of almost every description.  They require committees, delegates, trustees, and Conferences. And, not to be forgotten, they need voluntary money contributions.

 These services, whether performed by individuals, groups, areas, or A.A. as a whole, are utterly vital to our existence and growth.  Nor can we make A.A. simple by abolishing such services.  We would only be asking for complication and confusion.

Concerning any given service, we therefore pose but one question: "Is this service really needed?" If it is , then maintain it we must, or fail in our mission to those who seek A.A."

--reprinted from the A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Services

   (i.e. GSR, Treasurer, Secretary, Greeter, Birthday Coordinator)

   (i.e. PI/CPC, Corrections, Treatment Facilities, Grapevine)

   (i.e. Service Workshops,  Big Book Conference)

- The G.S.R. represents the voice of the group conscience, reporting the group's thoughts to the district committee member and to the delegate, who passes them on to the conference.  This communication is a two-way street, making the G.S.R. responsible for bringing back to the group Conference Actions that effect A.A. unity, health, and growth. Only when a G.S.R. keeps the group informed, and communicates the group conscience, can the Conference truly act for A.A. as a whole.

!!! District 62 Open Service Positions !!!

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Officers__________________        __

DCM (District Committee Member)   FILLED   

Alt - DCM (District Committee Member)    OPEN

Treasurer  FILLED  

Alt-Treasurer    OPEN

Secretary    FILLED

Alt-Secretary    OPEN

Committee Chairperson Positions___ _

Answering Service Chairperson   FILLED

Alt-Answering Service Chairperson   FILLED

Archives  Chairperson    FILLED  

Alt-Archives Chairperson  OPEN  

Bridging the Gap Chairperson   FILLED

Alt Bridging the Gap Chairperson  OPEN

Corrections Chairperson    FILLED

Alt-Corrections Chairperson    FILLED

Grapevine Chairperson   FILLED

Alt-Grapevine Chairperson    OPEN

Literature Chairperson   OPEN

Alt-Literature Chairperson    OPEN

Public Information Chairperson  FILLED

Alt-Public Information Chairperson OPEN   

CPC (Cooperating with the Professional Community) OPEN

Alt-CPC (Cooperating with the Professional Community)   OPEN

Accesibility Chairperson   FILLED

Alt-Accesibility  Chairperson    FILLED

Treatment Facility’s Chairperson  FILLED

Alt-Treatment Facility’s  Chairperson   OPEN

Web Administrator Chairperson   FILLED

Alt-Web Administrator Chairperson     FILLED


A.A. Service Committees


The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service


Concepts Checklist

Traditions Checklist

A.A. Group Information Change Form (English)

Your A.A. General Service Office

Self-Support: Where Money & Spirituality Mix

Self-Support Card

Corrections Correspondence

The A.A. Group Treasurer


Twelve Concepts Illustrated

The A.A. Group

Inside A.A.

G.S.R.: General Service Rep

Circles of Love & Service

The A.A. Grapevine and La Viña

Twelve Traditions Illustrated


Literature Catalog (includes A.A.W.S. and A.A. Grapevine material)

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For volunteer information contact AnonymousDist62@gmail.com

We are in need of A.A. members on the outside to correspond with A.A. members in correctional facilities.

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Or Click Here to find out how to help the newly released AA members get to local meetings

More info on how to become an AA PenPal

 District 62 GSR Meetings

are held the 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 7:30 p.m.  

Church of the Brethren

155 Boulder Hill Pass  Montgomery, IL


Make checks payable to:

Dist 62 -NIA

P.O.Box 612

Montgomery, IL 60538

Northern Illinois Area 20

P.O. Box 1056

Yorkville, IL 60560

GSO Contributions

Mail to: AAWS

P.O. Box 459,

Grand Central Station

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We need volunteers to chair meetings at the Kendall County Health Department

We have times available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For volunteer information contact AnonymousDist62@gmail.com


There are always opportunities to be of service, here are but a few;

Northern Illinois Area 20

Concepts Service Newsletter

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I am Responsible.

When Anyone, Anywhere

Reaches Out For Help,

I Want The Hand Of A.A.

Always To Be There.

And For That,

I Am Responsible!

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News and Notes from G.S.O.

Is a quarterly bulletin from the U.S./Canada General Service Office. This newsletter includes information about A.A. service, literature, events, sharing from groups, service committees and individual U.S./Canada A.A. Members.

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